Each year, the English ministries of the southern California Evangelical Formosan Churches put on a retreat at Pine Summit Christian Camps for four days and three nights over the Christmas break. Come worship, fellowship, and grow! You’ll meet many people from other EFC churches!


Retreat Theme: Act Up! Live and Proclaim the Gospel

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
— Acts 1:8


Thursday, December 26 – Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pine Summit Christian Camps
700 Wren Drive
Big Bear Lake, CA [map]


(1) Register here
(2) Print out and sign the Release of Liability Form


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Early: $179
Sunday, October 30, 2013

Regular: $189
Sunday, November 17, 2013

Late: $209
Sunday, December 15, 2013

Total Registered


Registration Details

  • ALL individuals must fill out the form, regardless of age. Family room requests can be made and will be honored by priority:
    • Parents with young children 5th grade and under (children 6th+ are not eligible unless for medical or other special reasons)
    • Married couples (contingent upon space)
  • Refund policy: Regardless of the date registered, $150 for grades 6 and higher, and $79 for children’s registration. Last day to request a refund is December 9, 2013. Absolutely NO SUBSTITUTIONS allowed.
  • ALL CAMPERS MUST have a signed Pine Summit Consent and Release of Liability Form in order to attend ANY portion of Winter Retreat.
  • You will be receiving a charge from “EFC Churches” on your credit card. Please do not challenge this charge. We reserve the right to levy any chargeback fees we are incurred as a result of an erroneous challenge. Thank you!


Your local church registrar has a wealth of information about winter retreat. They will collect two things from you:

  1. A signed check (payable to your local church) for the appropriate amount based on your registration date. If your church has no registrar, please contact us.
  2. A signed Pine Summit Christian Camps CONSENT AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM.

EFC Alhambra: Sophia Yang
EFC Arcadia: Jonathan Lee
EFC Cerritos: Tommy Wang
EFC Chino Valley
EFC East Valley: Joe Lin
GBC: Josephine Huang
EFC Irvine: Herald Lebiga
EFC LA: Ryan Yueh
EFC OC: Andrea Chen
EFC San Diego: Nick Hsieh
EFC SFV: Albert Yang
EFC South Bay: Bertram Wang


There are three separate tracks for campers based on age: (1) Children, (2) Junior High, and (3) High School/College/Adult. Everyone will meet together for joint worship and then we will break into three separate groups for the messages. Small groups for junior high, high school, college, and adult (typically anywhere from 4 to 10 campers) are assigned to help facilitate deeper discussions after messages. A Small Group Leader (SGL) is assigned to each group.
Children have their own lesson activities, which include Bible memory verses, crafts, and games.

Maurice Miller

Track: High School, College, Adult

Maurice Miller has poured into the lives of young people for the past 30 years, creating safe and accepting environments for youth to discover spiritual, moral and ethical truths. He has traveled throughout the country as an instructor for national training conferences and collaborated with various church and community based organizations. 

Maurice has served as Executive Director for Youth for Christ and chaired the Youth Division for the Billy Graham Bay Area Crusade. He has served as an instructor of Urban Missions at Caleb’s school of Theology in Compton and on the Mayor’s Gang Task Force in San Jose, CA. Maurice is married to Angela, and they have three children together

Joe Lin

Track: Junior High

Joe Lin is the youth minister at EFC East Valley. He grew up attending EFC Alhambra, and his favorite memories include going to winter retreats. He graduated from UC Berkeley in 2005 and Talbot in 2011 with a Master of Divinity, emphasis in Missions & Intercultural Studies. His favorite passage of the Bible is the parable of the Good Samaritan, and he is constantly trying to live out what it means to “love your neighbor.” 

Joe enjoys mountain biking, watching independent films, and taking trips to modern art museums. He recently married Stephanie in March. Please take time to say ‘hi’ to him—he would love to hear about your faith journey, as well as find out who your favorite musician/bandis.

Jonathan Lee

Track: Junior High

Jonathan Lee is the English Pastor at EFC Arcadia. He is a fourth-generation Cantonese-American from Cerritos, where he has spent most of his life. He is the middle child from a family of five. He has a B.A. in Social Science from San Diego State as well as a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Theology (in-progress) from Talbot. He is also a Buena Park Police Chaplain and an Army Reserve Chaplain

Jon enjoys running marathons (with his dad), studying the NT’s use of the OT, discussing hardcore theology, learning the guitar, and having conversations with friends while drinking boba and coke floats. One day he hopes to travel to the Holy Land. Feel free to say ‘hello’…and bring gummy bears with you!

Caleb Kuo

Track: Children's Program

Caleb Kuo is majoring in psychology at UCLA and is working in the Children’s Ministry at EFC Los Angeles. In the future, he wants to be a pediatrician or a family/marriage counselor. He lives in Arcadia and has an older sister. He enjoys spending time hanging out with friends, playing drums, and eating good food. Caleb has spent many summers participating in Taiwan Missions and leading children in VBS.

Caleb enjoys playing various sports in his free time including volleyball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. He loves to eat all kinds of junk food that are unhealthy for him such as fast food and Korean BBQ. Don’t be afraid to get to know him because he won’t bite! (Unless of course you are made of carne asada fries!)



Personal Evangelism, Minister Isaac Liao (EFC Orange County), Elder Sam Shui (EFC East Valley)

Don't know how to share Jesus without make it one of those "awkward" moments? Come and get some help on ways to share Your faith with others. Learn how to cultivate a life of evangelism and to shine your light for Jesus.

Sprint Through the Bible, Pastor Dwayne Nordstrom (Grace Bible Church)

Have you learned a lot of Bible lessons in Sunday School, but feel like they are just a bunch of random ancient stories with a nice moral message? If so, you may be missing out on what the Bible is all about. This fun and fast paced session should help you connect the dots and get the BIG picture of what God was up to back then, and how it changes everything for us today.

Good News for Everyone, Pastor Arthur Lum (EFC Orange County)

What is the Good News? Is there a God, and does he care about us, or is he interested in what is happening in the world? Has he spoken to us in the Bible, and if so, what does it say? We will review the story of the Bible and God’s plan of bringing people into a relationship with him. We will briefly look at the life of Jesus, what he taught, and why he died on the cross. We will understand why his resurrection gives us hope and new life. Come, learn, and discuss these life changing truths!

Great News For Everything, Minister Tommy Wang (EFC Cerritos)

So you know the gospel. But how much does the gospel shape and define who you are and how you live? What impact does the gospel actually have on our lives? The good news is greater than we’ve made it to be. Intended for those who have “grown up in the church” and have “heard it all.” We’re going to look at how the gospel is too great to leave on the fringe of our lives – it must be at the core, driving everything. 

Peer Discipleship, Minister Louis Kiang (EFC San Diego)

Come and learn how you and your peers can grow together through peer discipleship. We will consider the biblical foundation for discipleship and discuss a variety of practical peer discipleship models that will help you and your peers grow in your faith. 

Post-Retreat Media

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Post Retreat Survey

We hope you had a wonderful time at the 2013 EFC Winter Retreat, and we hope you were blessed in your time there. We would really like to know how to make Winter Retreat better! Please fill out our survey and let us know how we did!