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  • En-Jen Cheng: Conference Coordination, Logistics, Hotel
  • Andrea Chen: Registration & Check-in, Hotel On-site Staff
  • Brian Su: Registration & Check-in, Graphic Design
  • Helen Yu: Accounting
  • Annie Petzholt: Translator
  • David Doong: Translator
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  • Sam Shui: Banquet Arrangements
  • Ing Huei Ko: Dinner (by the Women’s Association)


Dr. Timothy Tseng, President & Executive Director of the Institute for the study of Asian American Christianity (I.S.A.A.C)
曾祥雨博士, 亞裔基督徒研究學院院長

Dr. Timothy Tseng is the Executive Director for the Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity (ISAAC). He, Betty - his wife of 24 years - and two teenage sons are members of the Chinese for Christ Church of Hayward, California. A former English Ministry pastor, Tim’s calling is to support Asian American Christians through research and teaching. He served as faculty at three seminaries and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Asian Philosophy and Religion at the University of San Francisco and an adjunct professor at Logos Evangelical Seminary (El Monte, CA).

曾博士是亞裔基督徒研究學院(ISAAC)院長。他和結縭24年的妻子Betty 及兩個十幾歲的兒子是加州海沃市華人基 督教會 (Chinese for Christ Church) 的會員。他也曾是英文堂的牧師,曾博士的呼召是以研究和教學來支持亞美基 督徒。 他曾在三個神學院任教,現任舊金山大學亞洲 哲學及宗教系助理教授, 及加州愛滿地市正道福音神學院助 理教授。

Pr. Peter Chen, Secretary General of the EFC General Assembly
陳敏欽牧師, 台福總會總幹事

Pr. Peter Chen is a graduate of Tunghai University in Taiwan with a Politics major. He Studied at Anderson University in Indiana, and Trinity International University at Deerfield, Illinois, and attained his D. Min. degree. Pr. Chen has served as a minister at a Presbyterian Church (長老會), as a co-worker of Christ Disciples’ Mission (基督門徒服務團), as well as being the Chairman of the Association of Chinese Christians in the Midwest (美中西部華人基督 徒聯會). He was the Senior Pastor of Indianapolis Chinese Church (印州印 第安那波里斯華人教會) for 19 years. Pr. Chen is currently the Secretary General of Evangelical Formosan Church General Assembly. He is also the author of Acknowledging the Value of Others, Life of Answering the Calling, and Rooting in Bible Series: the Book of Matthew. He and his wife have two sons and one daughter. They reside in Anaheim Hills.

陳敏欽牧師 畢業於台灣東海大學政治學系,在美期間先後在印州安城安德森神學院,和伊州鹿野三一神學院進修神 學,獲教牧學博士學位。曾任長老會囑託傳道,基督門徒服務團同工,美中西部華人基督徒聯會主席,印州印第安 那波里斯華人教會主任牧師 十九年,現任加州柑縣台福基督教會主任牧師兼台福神學院實習教育講師。著有” 肯定 別人的價值”, “回應呼召的人生”,”扎根聖經系列: 馬可福音”等書。陳牧師 與師母育有兩兒一女,現定居安那罕 山岡。

Pr. David Tsai, English Pastor at EFC Los Angeles
蔡宏嘉牧師, 洛杉磯台福基督教會英文牧師

Pr. David Tsai is a English pastor at HarvestLA and has been serving in a immigrant church context for nearly 14 years. Being the longest standing English Pastor in the EFC system, and also having the background of being born in Taiwan, raised in Brazil, and educated in the U.S., he has had extensive experience in multi- cultural environments. Pr. Tsai is married to Andrea and together they have two kids, Isabella (8) and Matthew (6).

蔡宏嘉牧師是洛杉磯台福教會英文堂 (Harvest LA) 的牧師,已在移民背景的教會服事近十四年。是 台福系統最資深的英文牧師,同時有生於台灣、長於巴西、受教育於美國的背景,他對於多文化的 環境有廣泛的經歷。蔡師母名 Andrea,他們育有一女Isabella (8)及一子Matthew (6) 。

Dr. Alan McMahan, Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies
亞蘭‧麥克馬漢博士, 跨文化研究助理教授

Dr. Alan McMahan has served in churches in North America and on the Pacific Rim as well as taught in the areas of missiology, church growth, leadership, organizational development, and evangelism. He has been active in training undergraduate and graduate students including mid-career professionals, Bible school teachers, pastors, and denominational leaders through the U.S., Canada, and much of Southeast Asia in the effective means to develop leaders and grow churches. Dr. McMahan now works at Biola University as an Associate Professor in the School of Intercultural Studies and serves as the Department Chair for the Undergraduate Program.

亞蘭‧麥克馬漢博士曾在北美及太平洋環區的教會服事及教導宣教學、教會成長、領導、組織 發展及傳道等。他在美國、加拿大及東南亞多處一直致力於訓練大學及研究生,其中包括中階 專業人士、聖經學院教師、牧師及教派領導者,他有效地栽培領導者及促進教會成長。 亞蘭‧ 麥克馬漢博士現任百歐拉大學 (Biola University) 跨文化研究學院助理教授,並為大學部的系主 任 。

Professor Benjamin Shin, Associate Professor of Bible Exposition
班傑明‧辛教授, 解經學助理教授

Professor Shin has served in the ministry as a pastor, parachurch leader, and professor for the last 18 years. He is a graduate of UCLA and Talbot School of Theology. He enjoys reading, music, sports, and spending time with people. His vision and passion includes mentoring leaders, re-building churches, and teaching the Word of God. His interests also include Asian ministry and theology and helping the church to have impact in the world. He is married to his wonderful bride, Jen, and has a baby boy named Adam. He also currently serves as the English Ministry Pastor at L.A. Open Door Church.

辛教授過去18年曾任事工牧師、教會機構領導人及教授。加州大學洛杉磯校區及托爾拔神學院畢 業。他喜歡閱讀,音樂,運動及與人相處。他的異象及熱愛包括指導領導者、重建教會及教授神的 話。他的興趣同時包括亞裔事工、神學及幫助教會影響世界。他和他美好的新婚妻子 Jen, 育有一男 嬰名Adam。他同時是洛杉磯開門教會 (L.A. Open Door Church) 的現任英文事工牧師。

Pr. James Yu, English Pastor at EFC Irvine
俞明禮牧師, 愛恩台福基督教會英文牧師

Pr. James Yu immigrated to the United States 30 years ago and is currently the English pastor at EFC Irvine. Pastor Yu believes the gospel is a call to Cultural Revolution and is passionate about leading the younger immigrant generation into spiritual maturity and responsibility.

俞明禮牧師 30 年前移民美國,現任愛恩台福教會英文牧師。俞牧師相信福音是文化改革的呼 召,他並熱衷於帶領年輕的移民世代進入屬靈的成熟及責任。

Dr. Chloe Sun, Logos Evangelical Seminary Associate Professor of Old Testament
謝挺博士, 正道福音神學院舊約助理教授

Dr. Chloe Sun has a Ph.D from Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently a Professor at LOGOS Evangelical Seminary. Possessing multiple cultural identities, she is interested in reflecting on the interconnectedness between Scripture, ministry, identity, gender and cultural issues.

謝挺博士是富樂神學院博士, 現任正道福音神學院教授。擁有多重文化認同, 她志在反映聖 經、事工、 文化認同、性別及文化課題間的相互連結性。

Pr. Gabe Barber, English Pastor at EFC Orange County
蓋博‧巴柏牧師, 柑縣台福基督教會英文牧師

Pr. Gabe Barber came to EFC Orange County as the English Pastor in September of 2005 After graduating from Talbot School of Theology with an MA in Bible Exposition. He has a passion for studying and preaching God’s Word, and his goal is to see people mature in their relationship with God through accurately divided and applying Scripture. Gabe has been married to Cheri for 8 years, and they have two children: Andrew (3) and Keira (1).

蓋博・巴柏牧師在2005年9月從托爾拔神學院 (Talbot Theological Seminary)畢業,得到解經學碩 士學位後到柑縣台福基督教會任職英文牧師。他熱愛研究及教導神的話,他的目標是透過正確 的解析及實行聖經的教示,使人能在與神的關係上成熟。蓋博與妻子 Cheri 結婚 8年,育有兩個 孩子,Andrew (3) 和 Keira (1) 。

EFC East Valley Taiwanese and English Ministry Elders, 東安台福基督教會台語及英語事工長老們

Elder Wen cheng Lin and Elder John Cheng from EFC East Valley will be presenting a workshop on the working ministry model in their church for cross-generational ministries amongst the English and Taiwanese congregations. They will be presenting the success and failures in coming to where they are and the pros and cons of the church model that they use.

東安台福基督教會林文政長老及Elder John Cheng,將主持一個以他們教會成功的跨世代台/英語堂 事工為模式的研習會。他們將呈現一路走來的成功及失敗,及他們所使用的教會模式的優缺點。

Pr. James Cho, English Pastor
詹姆士‧趙 牧師, 百歐拉大學 - 跨文化研究系

Pr. James Cho is the English Ministry pastor for a Korean-American church in the Los Angeles area. With over 10 years of pastoral experience in an immigrant church as well as extensive studies on cross-cultural issues, he has a unique perspective on handling situations within cross-cultural and cross-generational contexts. Pr. James Cho is a M.Div. graduate from Talbot Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at Biola.

詹姆士‧趙牧師是洛杉磯地區一個韓裔教會的英文事工牧師。十年以上牧養移民教會經驗,對 跨文化議題有廣泛的研究,對於處理跨文化及跨世代背景產生的狀況也有獨特的見解。詹姆 士‧趙牧師是托爾拔神學院畢業的道學碩士,現正在百歐拉大學 (Biola University)攻讀跨文化研 究博士學位。

Plenary Sessions

Session #1 – Faith, Hope, Love and The Asian American Christian Story (81 min), Timothy Tseng


Session #2 – To be or not to be (58 min), Peter Chen


Session #3 – One Church, Multiple Expressions (72 min), David Tsai


Session #4 – Transformational Leadership in a Multi-Generational Context (79 min), Alan McMahan


Session #5 – Cross-Cultural and Cross-Generational Awareness (59 min), Benjamin Shin


Session #6 – Fathers and Sons Reunited (60 min), James Yu


Panel Discussion (91 min)


Question and Answer (54 min)


Conflict Resolution (77 min), Benjamin Shin


Creating Bridging Cultures in Asian American Churches (54 min), Timothy Tseng


Cross-Cultural Ministry Within the Church (39 min), Gabe Barber


Excuse me, do you speak English?: How culture affects the way we understand each other (67 min), James Cho

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